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Finally, no BS advice for taking and passing your upcoming  drug test

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    If your job, position, freedom or competitive status is at risk, you need this step-by-step manual. With it, you will obtain the edge needed to beat the drug testing estabishment. 

    Even if your test is tomorrow and you are in a time crunch .... You'll know exactly what to expect before walking in to take the test.... And you'll gain peace of mind and relief from the emotional stress... once you pass your test!

Dear Friend,

Please Listen Up... you are about to learn some secret and exciting ways to beat any drug test and ... you'll learn things the public and private employment sector do not want you to know... this information is such that mainstream America does not want you to get your hands on it.

...... The large internet search engines, Google and Yahoo, have censored our ads and won't let us advertise this controversial web site.

.......Employers dread that we make this stuff available to all who want and need to know the proper steps to take to pass their drug test and keep the paychecks coming.

.......We feel that what a person does in his/her private life away from work is a personal thing and if it does not interfere with job performance... then it's nobody's business how you spend your time away from school or work.

Life is tough enough... how you relax is your business... not the boss's or the school principle's.

Let's start with a question:   If you could pass your drug test or knew how to handle a tough testing situation - would you be at an advantage?

Yes indeed... but not by hoping for the best and not by guessing or praying... no... but by understanding the facts and realities of a drug test and your options.

In the past months, we have helped countless people understand everything they needed to know about their upcoming drug test...  and gave them all the options necessary to help pass their test.

Excellent ebook, the best source of real information I have ever come across, on this topic it was a huge help at a time of being scared of taking a test. It made me feel much more confident... and I did pass. Thanks alot,  -  Carmen Ferraro

Your ebook was helpful just being more knowledgabe about it. I ended up not taking any screening tests, but it is a great source for the future. So many friends tell you about drugs and testing, but it's nice to have the true facts and not to rely on heresay. Thanks, -Ron J.

You must first find the answers to these 4 basic questions:

  1. What type of drug test are you being given? And if you don't know, what is the most likely test you will be given?
  2. Once you know this, what viable options do you have to pass the test?
  3. Do you have the time to permanently detoxify yourself or must you use a temporary detox passing option?
  4. What are the chances the detox products and other passing options will work for your specific test?

Everyone's drug testing situation is different, and in most cases, YOU CAN PASS YOUR TEST IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PROCEED IN THE CORRECT MANNER.

To help you decide if this book is for your or not, here are some of the secrets and facts we reveal and what you can expect to learn:

  • The single most popular drug test given by employers and 4 ways to pass this test (some easy, some harder but more reliable... you choose what is the best or your situation).
  • Do not do this 48 hours before your drug test or it could spell disaster!
  • Try these "home remedies" and you will surely fail your test.
  • A secret way to temporally detoxify and clean your system for up to 6 hours before your test.
  • The newest way employers are testing for drugs (its scary and unfair... you may be clean but still fail this test). We'll show you how to beat this one.
  • If your are being given a "blood test" these temporary detoxification products WILL NOT WORK! and lots of web sites are promoting these to pass a blood test. Beware.
  • The surprising details why marijuana (the most widely used illegal substance)... may be the hardest drug to detoxify in your body.
  • 3 ways to pass a urine drug test....Find out which is the easiest and which one may land you in jail!
  • These drugs are more easily passed from your body after use but you must know the proper procedure.
  • How your drug usage dictates how fast you can detoxify and which detox products will work best for your situation.
  • What effect do "FAT CELLS, DIETS AND EXERCISE" have on passing your drug test... also, what not to eat or how to exercise before a drug test.
  • The "inside details" about your urine sample and what will send up a "red flag" at the testing lab... BEFORE THEY EVEN TEST IT!
  • 21 illegal drugs a lab can test your urine for... You will be amazed by how long they can remain in your sample.
  • The real reason most detox products don't work (we tested lots of them).
  • A little secret nobody knows (except the lab tech testing you) about your urine sample temperature.
  • We'll give you a few secret ways to postpone the feared "random drug test" (allowing you more time to detoxify your body).
  • Learn how a "false positive" on your initial DRUG SCREENING test can lead to a more accurate and detailed DRUG TEST.
  • These over the counter drugs may cause "false positive" test results (failed drug test) and cause you all kinds of headaches!
  • Why drinking this may cause you to have an "inconclusive" drug test and buy some time before taking another test.
  • How your body type relates to how hard it may be to get you clean of certain drugs... we'll explain this in detail.
  • The secret to permanent detoxification of your body.... why and how it is accomplished.
  • Cheap detoxification products can spell trouble and a failed test... we'll show you the ones to steer clear of and which ones we have tested and found to work.
  • The riskiest of all solutions to pass a urine drug test is urine substitution... find out the best way to accomplish this trick.
  • Urine adulteration (putting something in your piss sample) is illegal and now days probably will be detected by the lab. If you know this little secret and additive... you can use this method to pass your urine drug test!
  • Saliva drug tests are becoming more and more popular and attractive for use by employers. These tests are quick, easy and can be done "on site" We show you the 2 best methods to pass this test.
  • "Random Drug Testing".... your options to pass are limited but we spell them out for you. You may not like our solutions but we "tell it like it is".
  • 3 Easy Ways to find out what type of drug test you will be given (you must know this to put the odds of passing in your favor).
  • A good temporary detoxification system can have up to a 95% success rate.... we show you the products that work the best.
  • A person fitting this description may have a lower detoxification success rate... are you this type of person? If so, we'll show you how to overcome this obstacle and pass your test.
  • Blood and saliva drug test show recent usage (24 hours). Take these steps and even a random test will be no problem!
  • "Hair" drug testing.... we'll give you the facts and which detox product works the best to pass this type of drug test.
  • "Sweat Patch" drug testing.... get the details on how and why this method of drug testing works.
  • Drug detection times.... learn the truth....it's all in the ebook.
  • God forbid you test "positive" for drug usage! What happens next? We give you some options to follow that can help.... depending on your particular situation and circumstance.
I used the book to assist my son to get through some testing issues he was facing. Both my husband and I read your book and found it very useful. We were able to learn more about the specific type of testing that my son was undergoing and what the best course of action was to insure that he passed these tests.

I have recommended this book to many of my son's friends and everyone has told me that it was very helpful. Even my inlaws read it in order to help educate their grandson who is living whith them in Hawaii while he is attending Chaminade University. I am happy to report that the information in the book allowed him to pass his test and he is now free and clear of the trouble he was in.
Thank You, -Nancy Metzger

I want to thank you the information about the drug testing book. IT HELPED ME SO MUCH. I took my test last month and I passed. The program I chose was really valuable. The diet was very hard, but it paid off inthe long run. The customer service was GREAT!! In order to avoid stress I have chosen to remain Toxin Free!!! Thanks for the great information, -Rosie A.


Being well informed is the first step to passing your test!

There are hundreds of websites giving little bits of information and selling products to help you pass your test. Most of them are giving misinformation or selling cheap, ineffective products. Products that don't work the way they should.

The companies offer 200% and 300% money back guarantees... but just try and get your money back... next to impossible! I could tell you the names of a dozen of these sites right now.

So why to these products sell? Because these companies know that they have you at a disadvantage. They know you are nervous and uneasy about your upcoming test and they will make promises they can't keep and lie about the results you'll get by using their products.

Now I know you're asking yourself... will this same valuable information help me in my situation?... with my particular drug test?

If you have the sincere desire to pass your test and the ability to follow a step-by-step system, then you will be doing everything possible to put the odds in your favor to help pass your test.

Can we guarantee you will pass your drug test with the information we have to offer?

Frankly, I would be lying to you if I said yes. I don't need to tell you that nothing in life is 100% guaranteed and the same goes for passing a drug test. What we can do for you is put the odds in your favor to pass a drug test... tell you what your options are... and how to proceed in the correct manner to get by this incredibly stressful event.

With the information we give you, you will have a huge advantage in passing your test over someone without it. We nailed down every detail so you get a complete, nothing held back drug testing manual with all the facts you need to stack the odds in your favor.

    Here's some email we receivied our from satisfied customers:

I found the drug testing advice book I bouth online to be extremely informative. The informations such as length of time a drug stays in the human body and the difference in the actual human body, such as weight, was key. I also found the research on other sites and products to be excellent information, because honestly as consumer it is hard to know who or what to trust.

My main concern was with marijuana and the medical facts provided really help as to how to approach detoxing by working with a persons body. Such as releasing the THC out of fat cells. I know that honestly there is no safe way to test except for actually quiting, I appreciated the factual statements such as that. I would recommend the book to a friend and as for your company, stay honest and factual as you have. We all wish there was a miracle cure or method, but reality is reality. Sincerely, -Lisa Elwood

Your information seemed to be very logical from a physiological standpoint. I used your info to clean my system out ( I only had THC in my system) Passed a urine test after 2 weeks clean. I am of slight build, high metabolism, light, everyday smoker. I used a system flush and lots of exercise. Weights for 20 minuits, the 45 minuets of aerobics, jogging, Nordic Trac and 64 oz. of water every day. Clean diet, lots of vegitables, no meat, no alcohol, low carbs. No exercise for 48 hours before test. Moderate water before test. I also used an over the counter drug test several days before the real one to confirm negative results. I went for my test at the same time as I did my home test, for a similar dayly function. The test was done in a hospital setting, with a hospital lab. I plan on being perminantly clean as I may soon be working in a hosptial. Thanks again, -David Rice

Your info in the book was surprisingly informative. You obviously did your home work. After reading your e-book I can honestly say I have no questions left unanswered. I can tell you that I have not failed a test. And would like to express my gratitude for your disclosing your knowledge on this matter. Thanks, -Gregg Dawson

I did purchase, read and enjoyed your book. You included some helpful information in regards to what company's were reputable and sold the best products to help someone pass a hair follicle test and which ones to avoid. Thank You, -C. Greer

My husband and I don't get high anymore, but we have a teenage son in a private school in Baltimore and drug testing followed by expulsion is not uncommon. While we don't in any way condone the use of marijuana by teenagers/minors, we are well aware of the fact that teenagers experiment and... like it or not... smoking marijuana is almost a right of passage these days. Having raised a dqughter who never touched it, we're pretty sure it has little to do with parenting. It's personality, curiousity, impulsivity, etc. that comes into play when a teenager experiments with marijuana. That said, we were deeply afraid that he would be tested, possibly for no other reason than some teacher or classmate had a grudge, he fell asleep in class, or he hung out with a kid who had a positive test, (all of which has happened). I needed to know what to do if he should get tested. His school uses a hair test, so they can track his history pretty easily. The whole thing is frightening to us, and so unfair! But I wanted to know what to do if it should happen to him. Now I feel a little more informed about options and not so helpless. Thanks for your ebook, -Shawn Nocher

I found the material to be very informative and it answered most of my questions. The companies you recommeneded were very helpful with sustitution kits. They answered the phone and seemed truly concerned with helping me pass a drug test for my job. The companies that sell kits to clean urine with solutions and pills didn't seem to care about my problem. They had no definite answers to my questions and just told me their products work but wouldn't explain how they work. I came away with a very uneasy feeing after speaking to several of these companies. Your book was 100% accurate in describing these rip-off artists. Their guarantee is worthless if you fail a test.

I thank you for the advise, I have recommended your book to several of my friends facing drug testing in the workplace. I certainly don't condone drug use, but the fact remains that many responsible adults continue to use drugs off the job and do not come to work "stoned" or impaired in any way, so passing a random drug test is of the utmost importance to these people including myself. I feel confident that anyone reading your book will make the right decision when facing any drug test. Reading your book was the first time I got accurate information concerning drug testing. -Steve L

Hi, I thought the e-book I purchased was worth every penny. It was filled with information that enabled me to make the right choice regarding my drug test. I used the TestingClean.com web site and passed my test. Thank you for providing this important information, -Charlotte E

As it turns out we are lucky that we live in an area that has not yet fully adapted to hair sampling (testing). It doesn't get that serious here until the DEA and ATF become involved.

After reading your book it was obvious to us that we had only a few choices. We internalized the decision to abstain from further amphetamine use. We managed to feign enough family emergencies to stay the court's required testing (thanks for the advice) until we were clean.

Now we're happy to say no if it's offered to us. We don't miss it one bit. We're completely anxiety-free about it. It's a miracle! Thank you and best regards, -Richard & Jane Simmons


Here are just a few more of the many important facts you'll find out about in this never before written step-by-step manual:

  • A complete explanation and description of each type of drug test given today - understanding how drug testing works is the first and MOST IMPORTANT step in passing
  • How to boost your metabolism to increase the rate of time that marijuana (or any other substance leaves your body)
  • Why all urine testing is NOT the same. Did you know you can still fail certain urine test after being clean for over 60 days
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT HAIR TESTING. Hair testing companies say their tests can not be beat, hair detox product makers say they can. The truth is somewhere in the middle and we'll help you sort out the mess of mis-information being fed to you
  • A complete explanation of how the thousands of detoxification products you see today actually work. There is no magic potion to help you pass a test (although most companies would like you to believe there is). WE'LL EVEN POINT OUT A POPULAR DETOXIFICATION PRODUCT WEBSITE THAT IS STRAIGHT OUT LYING TO YOU


One of the major problems many are faced with when searching for a product to help you pass your drug test is who is legitimate and who is not. You probably know this if you have spent hours searching through the mess of "pass your drug test" type websites.


Did you know that half of these sites, although they look different, are just different distributors of the same ineffective products. And customer service is another major issue. Many of these sites are foriegn owned and have virtually NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, and this is as important as using a good product.

We have spent months visiting many different websites, calling anonymously, ordering and testing different products and evaluating the level of service you get. We have spent over $2000.00 ordering products from these sites and tested the results of many of the products offered.

What we found is that many PRODUCTS BARELY WORK and CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS A JOKE for about 80% of these sites. What we have done is recorded all of our findings and reviews for you to see! This is invaluable information when searching through the hundreds of sites for a good detoxification product. This will save you hours of time because you will be able to go directly to a quality detoxification company without having to wade through all the BS.


  1. You'll fully understand the drug test being given to you. This will help you know which method of passing (detoxification, substitution, etc.) is best for you.
  2. You will understand exactly how all the different detoxification and substitution products work, so you'll know which is the best for your testing situation.
  3. You won't waste your time or money figuring out what products are real or not. We will show you all your options and specific brands which we have tested and found to work the best.

FREE BONUS # 1     $19.95 VALUE


We have made sure our manual covers every detail about drug testing as it pertains to helping you pass your test. However, your situation may be different than most, and you might find you need additional help deciding what to do.

If that's the case, just email us at the special email address we include in the book, along with your order number, and we will take the time to PERSONALLY ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU MAY HAVE!  We answer all emails in a timely manner, so you can get the advice you need quickly.

This is a special service, as we only give advice to those the have purchased our manual. You'll get unbiased, realistic advice. You may not like the answer we give you, but we promise it will be realistic and the best advice for your situation.

FREE BONUS # 2     $9.95 VALUE


Get the current facts on Drug Testing in Schools. MUST HAVE REPORT FOR ALL PARENTS and STUDENTS alike.

Inside you'll find explanations and answers to the following:

  • Case histories of schools that have drug testing policies and its effect on students and parents
  • What type of drug testing programs are being developed and why
  • Benefits and risks for testing students
  • Kinds of tests and what do they measure and not measure
  • What happens if a student tests positive
  • Who does the testing and what are the costs involved

So, you ask, how much is all this information going to cost me? (Possibly your job if you fail your employers drug test!)

Let's first start by telling you what you will save: TIME, MONEY AND STRESS

TIME, because we have personally investigated and researched most all the drug testing detox products and "pass-your-drug-test" web sites out there.

MONEY, we tested most all products and found out which ones work and which ones that don't and are a rip-off. Hey, these products aren't cheap!  Plus... pass your test... keep your job and paycheck!

STRESS, you know the test is coming...  you're worried and up tight, get the right information now, plan ahead and rid yourself of the anxiety and emotional stress.

The regular price of our ebook, "Drug Testing Secrets", with the two bonuses is $67.99. However, for a limited time, we are offering this incredible "How To ... Step-By-Step" manual for just $37.99.  That's a $30.00 savings!  ORDER NOW!   YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.

And here's the best part, you get our Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. It's simple: either we live up to our promise and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back - no questions asked! You have a full 60 days to decide.

All Transactions Remain Strictly Confidential !

There will be no reference to Drug Testing Secrets on your credit card statement. The $37.99 charge on your credit card statement will appear as "Clickbank".

We will never sell your personal information to a third party. We will not contact you in anyway (unless you email us with a question.... Bonus # 1)

We very much understand the importance of your privacy and we have taken every effort to make this transaction as discreet and secure as possible.

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Remember, you get up to date, detailed, nothing held back information you won't find anywhere else. This no BS advice is written by drug testing insiders and the secrets you are about to learn....well let's just say....most people have no clue!

 Order Now and let's start preparing you to take and pass your drug test.

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  It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 in the morning...  within minutes you will be downloading and reading the ebook "Drug Testing Secrets" ...and using it to prepare for and pass your all important drug test.

P.S.S.  We know the emotional toll it takes on you... not getting the job or losing your job... getting kicked out of school or off the team... all because of the lifestyle you live... we can help.... we have helped many others in your same situation... please give us a chance and give yourself a chance.

P.S.S.S.  Remember... if you are not 100% satisfied with the detailed information provided and the step by step process for passing a drug test... we will issue you a total refund... no questions asked!   YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE AND MUCH TO GAIN..... ORDER YOUR MANUAL NOW

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